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Welcome to, my latest, and thankfully ad-free, portal site. Here you can find your way to the many sites that call me mommy. Please be forewarned that the vast majority of my sites include NC-17 material. This means there may be slashy lovin', het lovin', swearing, violence, bloodplay, and torture. There may also be soapy bath scenes, vampires in love, and classic car adoration. You just never know what you'll find.
Now, it's up to you to pick where you want to go from here...
The Adventures of Captain Peroxide and Deadboy .

My baby, my pet project, my site of slash galore. It's the Spike/Angel Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild, 263 story archive of yummyness and home to the series from hell, Ensouled and Still Ensouled.

Updated 4/16/06.

Fists & Fangs

Josey and I have revived this Spike Writer's Resource, which used to be housed at, and given it new life here at FangedFour.

Updated 10/15/05.

Deep In

The Angel Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild.  In cahoots with Slashing the Angel, Deep In has great hopes of reviving some Angel love throughout fandom.

Updated 1/19/06.

The Last Time I Saw You

A Darla/Angel(us) Reunion site. The official D/A Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild. All the fun, fun, evil you can stomach. 52 stories currently archived.

Updated 4/15/06.

Moving On... An Anya and Spike Affair

The Spike/Anya Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild. Resources, a fiction archive and episode guides. Ah, demons in lust, who can resist. 57 stories currently archived.

Updated 3/8/05.


The Travel Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild, an archive of fiction where the gang hits the road, because the getting there is what counts.

Updated 4/14/05.

Also Comes in Strange

My Personal Archive. Just my own Fic, no extras. 190 stand alones, ficlets, drabbles, series, and essays. Everything I've written is here.

Updated 3/11/07.

Eternal Nightcap

EN was one of the first A/S sites I fell in love with. I am giddy with joy that Avarice has asked me to help revive and update the site.

Updated 5/12/04.

In the Dark

A screencapture site featuring over 1,000 images from the Angel episode 'In the Dark'.

Updated 10/29/2004.

Thanks for the Memories

A false memories archive. Here you will find Buffy fic from before Season Five, but where Dawn is there, also Angel fic from before Season Five where Connor isn't there. A fun place to find yourself asking "What if?".

Updated 1/7/06.

Pro Bono? There's Got to be an Angle

This is where all the stuff that doesn't fit on the other sites end up. The images, icons, sounds, and other character stuff has been moved here as well as some non-ship fic I've hosted for others.

Updated 12/18/04.

Can't You Just Picture It?

Home to my DVD screen caps as well as some LJ icons.

Back online 2/27/04

Old Fashioned Fourplay

The Fanged Four archive. I help Josey run. Here you will find historical fic centering on Darla, Dru, Angelus, and William.

Mad Cow

A Pylean fiction archive, still in it's infancy, only a few fics, but all the info on Pylea you could ever want.

Updated 2/27/05.

Modified Behavior

A Spike/Ethan writer's resource site run by Estepheia and coded by me. The only place on the net for Spethan love.

Updated 1/5/06.

The Great Lang Migration

Plotting my moves from the rainforests Oregon to the deserts of Washington State and back. You didn't know there were deserts in the Northwest? You must be new.

Updated 1/18/05.


The mostly-official Mel Website, Portland, Oregon's favorite local rock band, well, they're my favorite at least, and if you have ears they will soon be your favorite as well.

Updated on the 7th Tuesday after never and on 1/22/04.

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