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Meet the Webmistress
Me with Gina Torres, AKA Jasmine from Angel.Taken this very day by my 7 year old.
A long overdue look at 'Who is the Webgirl'...The webgirl is now a 31 year old woman raising two kids, working full-time, going to school part-time, and having very little in the way of spare time. The sites do still get updates, just not every day. A fic has to really move me to get into the archives these days, which is better in the long run, because we should never settle for the mediocre.

I occasionally do still write in the Buffy/Angel fandoms, but again, this isn't an everyday endeavor anymore. Softball, Baseball, Volleyball and other motherly pursuits tend to get the majority of my time, but I am still trying to fit fandom love into my schedule.

So what is my fandom love these days? The Whedonverse is still my passion, above all else I still love Angel. I of course have moved on to other television loves, but I'm a one fandom kind of girl. Bones, Grey's Anatomy, House, Veronica Mars and Desperate Housewives get nods for being amusing, but my writing of fic in those fandoms...nope, no time.

When it comes to the WIPs that litter several of my sites I have no excuses, some the stories just left me, and others I left on my own. I always say it's my intention to get back to them, whether this will happen or not I can't say, but never give up hope!

Tania the Webgirl

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